Installing Linux on recent Sony Vaio Notebook Computers

Welcome to the new home for the z505hs project at This project should be of interest to users of most late-model Sony Vaio notebooks - we've heard from owners of the PCG-Z505HS, PCG-Z505HSK, PCG-Z505HE, and PCG-N505VX,

Please go to the project's

official home page

for information on the mailing list Here is the

archive of messages through April 2000

on this topic, new messages will become available in the archives of the geocrawler mailing list There is also discussion on the public forum, so read all three.





Resolved Bugs:



If you are running Linux on this machine or the (presumably similar) PCG-Z505HE and PCG-N505VX, and your experience differs from anything I have written above, or you have something to add to the above, or (god bless you) you have a fix for any of this machine's broken features, please e-mail me at Thanks, and thanks to everyone who has contributed.
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